15th June 2024

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In my opinion this film was extremely moving even though it wasn’t the first time I saw it. I find it very interesting. The passion dr Sayer had for his research but also for helping his patients was compelling. All doctors should have passion like that. If it wasn’t for dr Sayer they would have never discovered that it is possible to wake these people up and give them a chance to be back, to say what they need, to experience life once again. Some of them were happy to be back, some of them were worried (as Lucy who was a little bit afraid of being older than 22) or felt “swindled” (one patient described his feelings with this word). We can learn from this movie that we don’t appreciate the lives we have. Leonard points that out while talking with dr Sayer and I think he’s right. We think it is normal to have friends, family, work etc but we see how amazing these things are only when we lose them. “Awakenings” showed me that every day can be my little miracle I should appreciate. Miracle of the summer 1969 changed my way of thinking.