15th June 2024

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It was worth spending two hours on that movie, not only for male characters but for women, too.
Leonard’s mother was an overprotective but caring, courageous and strong person. She gave up her life for his son. She started to ‘lose’ him at his school age. She was observing his first tremors, making excuses for his friends (when he was not able to play with them), taking care of him when he was expelled from school and when he stayed in the hospital. Finally, she trusted dr Sayer and decided to start L-dopa treatment. After Leonard’s awakening, she was still treating him as a child. She couldn’t get over the fact that he preferred to spend time with another woman, that Leonard needed some space and time without her presence and that he created his new personality. Even her grandmotherly sides, she always was there for her son and never let him alone.
The next woman was Eleanor, without whom dr Sayer would be left without support. From the beginning to the end, she believed in the success of experimental treatment, motivated other nurses to work and spent the nights in the hospital to work harder. What’s more, she was able to give dr Sayer some tips, how to make a good impression on others.
And, finally, the woman who Leonard was seeing for a while in a diner. Conversations with her were enriching his hospital’s life. She made him feel normal and important.