20th May 2024

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„Awakenings” is truly touching and tearful movie. The story of catatonic patients, who after receiving L-Dopa medication experienced „awakenings”, is inspirational and marvelous. The plot itself kept me interested for the whole time and main characters gained my sympathy (although, each of them in a different way). Dr. Sayer’s faith and uncompromising attitude – he was really devoted to his job, but he also really cared about others. He saw in his patients something that others did not see. He saw them as humans, not only mannequins which required food and washing. Leonard’s story was hopeful and made me realize how lucky I am to be able to enjoy little things. His journey was unbelievable – he wanted so little and was so close to getting his happy ending, but as it turned out – the amazing effect of L-dopa was limited and patients returned to their catationic state. It may not ended exactly the way I wanted, but it still was a beautiful story. The movie is a must see as it gives so much to think about.