20th May 2024

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For me the movie was inspiring and interesting. It was amazing watching dr Sayer being so passionate about trying to help all of these people even though all he ever did before was research and he also wasn’t really sociable. I admire so much that he took a big risk with raising the amount of L-Dopa, hoping for a better result, even though that was a big unknown. On the other hand, we could see that for a whole time he wanted to believe he was right. He didn’t really take much things into consideration. What if he was wrong? Well, thankfully he wasn’t.
I was so happy when i watched all these patients finally “free” of their disease for a second. It was amazing. The sad thing was of course the latest side effects Leonard developed. I felt for him because it must have been awful. Finally after a long time you are “awake” but suddenly everything comes back to how it used to be and you are losing your life.
The most important thing for me was the end actually. I really like what dr Sayer said at the end “human spirit is more powerful than any drug”. This is SO moving. We have to remember that even though the patients are not responding to us the way we expect them to, they are still there. And we should care about these people, read them books, play them music, spend time with them, just like the nurses in this movie.