24th June 2024

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I find this movie really fascinating. It has such powerful message, and so universal the same time. The movie focuses on Dr Sayer, who lives a lonely, gray, calm, devoted to work and his studies, life of a doctor. He started working with neurological patients in the ward, although he didn’t want to. And this, twist of fate, can be said, changed his life. Patients changed his life. People who woke up after losing, in some cases- most of their lives, who had their stories, families, plans, and the will to live. The movie shows the importance of small things, the value of life that we can live as we want. I was captivated by this story. Moreover, the movie is based on actual events, along with the struggle of the main character. Ignorance of the health service or hospital management. Financial problems. Watching “Awakenings”, we realize how high the price of progress is, and how much adversity must be overcome to change something for the better.