24th July 2024

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For me everyone should watch this film. It shows us how important is a life. This is a gift for us that we can talk, walk, learn, dance etc. I can’t imagine that a virus caused a disease like this. For me it was amazing how Dr Sayer find out that brains of sick people are still watchful. He gave himself up work on looking for a drug for these sick people.I had shudders when this drug caused Leonardo to wake up from his “sleep”. Leonardo was happy and after 30 years, when he was 40 after “wake up”, he had still childish innocence. At the first moment he just enjoyed that he was alive. I was really happy watching Leonardo and other patients when they were feeling the moment that they can back to life. Sadly not entirely. Other doctors they had no empathy. They were like a robots. They were sceptical and act like they didn’t care. I felt really unfair, especially when one of this doctors, said that Leonardo was aggressive, but he just wanted to go for walk. After this everything came back to beginning.
Leonardo and other patients went back to catatonia. This drug was waking up them from time to time. For me this looks terrible. When you think that you will be okay, but suddenly you go back to previous condition. In other way I think that they were joyful and they lived with lot of hopefulness. This film show me that we should celebrate every moment and be grateful for that we can do lots of ordinary things like going to work, because we don’t know if some virus will attack us one day.