24th July 2024

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I have seen „Awakenings” for the second time and it still makes me wonder what being alive actually means. This story, aside from being the true story of the discovery that L-dopa could release people from their apparent demented state, is a marvelous metaphor or allegory for all of us in some ways sleeping through parts of our lifes.
I assume that many people can somehow compare themselves to those catatonic patients, cause they have only some brief moments of being awakened.

What I also found profoundly moving is the attitude of Dr Sayer, who is such a devoted and empathetic man. He ignores the criticism of his more pessimistic colleagues and by driving forward with the drug he really tries to help his patients.
Even though the L-Dopa cure fails to work over time, as far as I’m concerned, he gave them a chance to experience life again.