22nd July 2024

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I loved the movie, my favourite character is Dr Sayer of course. He was so engaged in helping the patients, despite he didn’t feel experienced enough to even take that job. The way he interacted with patients with encephalitis lethargica just moved me, he tested multiple different exercises trying to understand the disease. He saw things that other people did not, like the pattern on the floor which stopped Lucy from going further to the window. After taking part in the presentation of treating people with parkinson’s disease he tried to help his patients with the substance presented (L-Dopa). Even though at start there was not any visible effects he didn’t give up and even risked giving a much larger dosage to the patient. We then meet a adult Leonard Lowe, who quickly became a friend of Dr Sayer, but after some time the medicine stopped working, and the health condition of Leonard was worse and worse. The movie is based on a true story, and that’s a pity that the medicine was not an miracoulus substance that cured the mentioned disease. The movie was very moving, I’m glad that i watched it.

Filip Sikora