18th May 2024

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The film was very touching for me. Connection between protagonists of the movie – dr Malcolm Sayer and Leonard Lowe was magical. I think they had a lot in common – they both couldn’t really fit in society. I don’t know which characteristic of dr Sayer were based on dr Sacks and which one were made up but all in all the character in the movie was so trustworthy and just good. I think he might be on some degree on the autism spectrum, it was really moving when he told Leonard “I’m not very good with people (…) I like them…” as a respond to a question if he was married. I was so proud of dr Sayer when he finally managed to invite the woman from hospital for a coffe. For me the movie was not really about illness -or at least not only about it – but about overcoming our own weakness, our fears. Leonard didn’t fight only with his disease and side effects of treatment but also with people who didn’t want to see him as a normal person but were focused on his medical condition.