22nd July 2024

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Hi Wiktoria! First of all dr Sayer he had some problems with understanding emotions and behaviours of other people, he said that people are unpredictable and he didn’t mean people with mental conditions but people in general. Second, he was able to focus on one task for long time, even though everybody else found it boring – during job interviev he was talking about his previous job. He was also very stubborn. Also, there was a scene where he said he cannot go out in the evening because he is busy, and when he get home he was sitting alone and playing piano – of course it doesn’t have to make him autistic and I want to make everybody sure – I dont diagnose him at all! But like I said before, some characteristic of dr Sack suggest it. When it’s about characteristic that made him good doctor and person – he was very inteligent and good scientist – that’s for sure, he couldn’t treat the people if he didn’t had a lot of knowledge and intelect but what is also important – he had a good will. He really wanted to help those people. I use word ‘people’ a lot but I think it’s really important to emphasise that besides of their illnesses patients of the hospital were still people above all. It was very eye-opening to see how dr Sacks was trying to understand his patients and their caregivers (like Leonard’s mom). I think his curiosity helped him a lot – or more precise – made him able to help the others.