28th May 2024

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You guys wrote almost everything! What else can I say?

For me, the most interesting thing was that Dr Sayer didn’t have any experience in working with people (dit I catch this right?). Doing research was his thing. And yet, he was the first one to notice, that these people WERE still people. He tried really hard to help them. He cared.
That was my first thought, that maybe other doctors while working with patients, were losing something. I’m not trying to say that they didn’t want to help. Maybe they didn’t have passion? They focused on only few aspects of work and it was hard for them to break this pattern, think outside the box? It’s hard to say. The fact is, that Dr Sayer’s experiments weren’t planned, they came out from his curiousity. I admired this curiousity while watching the movie and the fact, that Sayer didn’t give up on his patients.

While watching the movie I cried like, three, four times. Now I’m writing this and I’m still moved. It’s easy to play on my emotions, I guess 🙂

Oh and by the way I think that we really should admit that Robin Williams and Robert De Niro did such a great job!