24th July 2024

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This film was very touching but also thought-provoking. I think this movie shows us the importance of life. One saying come to mind – “Nobody knows when the day will come”. That is why we should appreciate our lives, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. People should enjoy every moment, every event and especially they should appreciate being healthy. I really liked the last scene when dr Sayer asked his colleague to go out. It was quite a happy end. I also think film “Awakenings” brings up a subjetc of how one illness can change our way of thinking but also functioning. As far as I am concerned, loosing ability to move, talk, think, becoming a prisoner of my own body would be the worst nightmare. From medical side, I realised how mysterious is human’s brain and that we still don’t know everything about it and I’m not sure if we will ever be able to know.
When it comes to actors, I think they played their roles perfectly. It was extremely hard for both main actors to show such emotions and the physical aspect of the illness.