24th May 2024

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Hi Wiktoria! Dr Sayer, unlike other doctors shown in the movie, decided to follow these little glimpses of consciousness in his patients. He has read books and searched through articles about this disease. He also has gone to a lecture of a chemist who gave him an idea of how to treat this sickness. Then, when the cure worked, he took them to the zoo to help them relax and then to disco so they could remember times of their youth. As for his words, I think he has pangs of conscience, but in my opinion he has been too hard on himself. He did all he could do, but the disease came back. Here could came a reflexion whether it was harder for patients to live in catatonic state for years and years or is it was far more devastating to get normal life back for a moment and lose it all again. And I think that for these patients it was a miracle, a light at the end of a very black tunnel and a sign that they are not forgotten and they still matter.