20th April 2024

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I enojoyed watching “Awakenings” more than I imagined I would, because it’s not a type of film I usually go for. The movie brings up an interesting topic, it shows life of post-encephalitic patients. The main thought that stayed with me long after watching the film was that we should never lose hope during difficult times or settle for the way things are. It’s easy to stop working on ourselves, give into old habits instead of taking time and effort to change it. The portrayal of dr. Sayer is in my opinion what all doctors should look up to. He is incredibly emphatetic and relentless. He proves that everyone, escpecially doctors, nurses, all those, whose job is to help people, should always stay curious, always question whether this is all we can do and care for each and every single person, because life is undeniably precious. Other than the plot I was stunned by the amazing acting. Robert de Niro and Robin Williams truly did a great job portraying both Leonard and dr.Sawyer, their performance made it impossible not to symphatize with characters.
To sum up, i was pleasantly surprised by the movie “Awakenings”. It made me realize that we should always look at a patient in the context of their personality, not through the prism of their illness.