28th May 2024

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“Awakenings” – the movie that exist. I must say that Robin Williams was amazing as a star of this story, but any other actor or actress was really mediocre. I must say that pacing was kinda slow (kinga and iza already talked about it). As for the story – when i read “based on true story” i was really intigued, but then this movie started to be exaggerated, like this very theatrical way for a protagonist to meet a love interest which became already his wife and the end of the movie (in the credit scene she was described as “Ms Lowe”). I love this film by an scientific perspective , cause (if my didn’t miss anything) all medical information was really reliable. Overall for me this movie is good for discution, not so much for entertaiment. If this movie had been better it would have been well known by majority of young adults and hadn’t been scored 6.6 by filmweb.