28th May 2024

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It was really interesting. Her story makes me think what I would do in her situation and the case was so strange and exceptional that i wanted to read more and more. I can say that this text made me realize that we don’t think about something, we already have, untill we lose it. I also feeled pain of not treating her like people who need some understanding or help because she don’t look like other people or aren’t showing special appearance like people who have some kind of disability, like blind people. I myself have disability and it is not much visible because it concerns muscles (they are really weak, especially in legs). People don’t think about something that is inside of other humans. Is it a disability or something else and they don’t think about what is inside of them most of the time. They thing they will be healthy all of their lives but nobody knows what is going to happen and i think they are just afraid of thinking that something can be hidden and still exists. Christina’s approach made me believe that we should be positive in our lives when we can.