28th May 2024

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I will copy my previous post :

Referring to Wittgenstein’s quote I can tell that Chrtisina’s case is a very good lesson for all of us. We don’t appreciate things in our life which we deem as something certain, obvious. It’s because we have never lost them. Christina lost something such so significant like her sense of proprioception, her body became “blind”. She was paralysed, but at the same time she wasn’t. She felt empty, she felt inhuman, like an animal used during lab experiments. It was tragedy for her that she couldn’t feel the world the same way as always. To this day she is going through this nightmare only because she has lost something certain specific, something obvious which we don’t notice every day. In my opinion this is the most important thing I learnt from this text – we should appreciate every small thing in our life, because we never know when we lose it… and how painful this loss will be.

What is more, I can tell that I enjoy the essey. It’s very good life lesson for all of us. We don’t know what future is waiting for us, so we should enjoy our present life as full as we can. In my opinion life without proprioception is something terrible. Of course you can adapt to it, but your life will never become as it used to be. I admire Christina that she was trying to overcome her issue. Using her concentration and other senses to deal with it had to be exhausting. As far as I’m concerned, relating to Christina is very easy because her problem can occur in everyone’s live, even our own.

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