24th July 2024

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I enjoyed the essey very much – I have always been interested in neurology – combined with psychology it is my biggest hobby. The paper whas written very clearly, the author explained a very complicated case in a very nice language, so we could try to understand it better. Beacuse of how rare and serious the condition was I wanted to read more about it – I think the essey should have been a bit longer, contain more infomation.

I think it’s almost impossible to relate to her. It was a rare medical condition, the doctors were shocked and didn’t know what to do – we can’t imagine living without that sense – only people who have lost it can explain how it feels. with other senses We can imagine living without them other senses – like closing our eyes, pretending we’re blind. I can’t imagine living without proprioception – not being able to walk or hold a cup of coffee. After some time she managed to learn how to walk again, but it took all her concentration and she had to put a lot of efford try very hard in order to do the simpliest of things. She never returned in to the normal state of life – she adjusted to a new situation, but never fully lived a normal life again

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