24th May 2024

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I am very glad that I read this essay, as I wasn’t aware before of the importance of proprioception and how the lack of it can impact one’s life. The essay was very informative from the psychological point of view, as well as a personal point of view, by describing how Christina felt throughout this process. This was one of many reasons why I enjoyed the essay because the writer guided the reader through the condition and how Christina later handled the situation.
I personally cannot imagine my life without proprioception. I think I would find it hard to adjust my life to the changes and learn new ways to go about my everyday life. Christina’s attitude was very inspiring as she was eager to gain new knowledge about her body. She began to use the sense of sight way more and with that memorize her movements slowly. At first, it was hard, but with time Christina became more aware of her body and how she could retain some of her previous demeanors. Later she was able to walk and go outside to public places, which sometimes was difficult for her, but people tried to be understanding of her situation and support her.
Christina’s outlook made it more precise for me to understand the loss of proprioception. I think it is important not to give up in such cases and look for positives remaining in our lives. With that, her story becomes more relatable for others that may go through similar situations in life.

Very well written!

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