28th May 2024

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Reading the essey took me a lot of time because of the specialist language. Sometimes it was really hard to understand some of the words. It’s difficult to understand the case without any medical knowledge and all the more it’s hard to grasp the amount of the unbelievable pain that Christina had to get through.
I’ve never thought about living without proprioception because, to be honest, I’ve never heard about it. But now I realize that it’s one of the most important senses. It controls everything. Awareness of having our own body and knowledge where particular parts of the body exactly are make life much easier and we don’t even think about it.
Living without proprioception force makes us to use vision more often and more intensive than we’re used to. It requires a lot of practice to make moves look natural.
Christina learned how to compensate for the lack of proprioception with vision but I think not everyone could do this because it made us get use to another life, behaviour, change our dreams, goals, habits???. It was a sad story and it’s more traumatic when I think that it happened in real life. It’s impossible to put ourseleves in the Christina’s position.
But after all I enjoyed reading this essey. For me, it was something new, something I’ve never heard of before and I feel that I learned much.

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