19th May 2024

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I enjoyed the essay, because it tells a remarkable story of experiences that I’ve never heard of. But I think the essay doesn’t just tell a story about Christina’s loss of proprioception. It touches interesting subjects, like the importance of the ‘hidden’ things – our senses that are key to understanding and getting to know the world and our environment. I realised how many things I take for granted, from myself, my plans for the future, my body and my abilities, to human connection, my loved ones and their health. I tried to imagine myself in Christinas’s place and it shocked me how tough and difficult the situation would be for me. The consequences of the loss of proprioception are so huge – it’s like your whole world turns upside down. It seems to me that proprioception shouldn’t be called ‘the sixth sense’ but ‘the first sense’… but maybe we shouldn’t label or grade our senses. Such experiences may be different for everybody.
It’s hard to relate to Christina. Even though her story is touching, sad and quite shocking, her way of dealing with this loss is amazing and inspirational.