24th July 2024

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I felt very sad after reading this text. I really love my body and I just can’t imagine how it is to be disembodied. Wittgenstein said commonly known truth that is forgotten by us in a daily life. I didn’t really knew that without proprioreceptions we are pithed like frogs as it is said in the text. It is because I’m using it unconsciously. Christina’s case is very horrible for me because it shows how important are small and hidden parts of our body. While using my legs I don’t really think how and why they work. Now after reading that Christina could’t at first walk unless paying great attention to it I’m starting to appreciate how my body works and also that I should care for all its parts – the hidden and visable ones. Christina just had bad luck because she didn’t do something that could cause her state – not like the people who took too many vitamins B6. Also just like me she did not get a clue that sometehing uncounsciously used can brake down and change her life forever. Althought she partially acceptted her situation she ,and I quote ” still and forever remains defective and defeated”. It shows that we all should start appreciate what we have even things that are hidden and familiar for us as it is said by the Wittgenstein text.