17th April 2024

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I had various feeling about this text. At first I felt sorry for Christina and her condition but then I was scared that something like this could happened may happen to all of us because she had done nothing wrong and still she became ill. For me the article was very interesting because I couldn’t guess didn’t know that there can be a diesase condition like this. It was fascinating that before the going to hospital she was doing well and she lived with it??. On the other hand I hated the fact that she couldn’t be healthy again. So when I read it I felt awful for this woman and that part made me sad.
It is unreal for me that I could not have a control over my body. I’m keen on sport so possibility to not not being able do it is my worst nightmare. I think that Christina was a tough woman because she really done did well with this whole situation. Of course it took her a lot of time to start living a relatively normal life again but in my opinion everybody has a different time for recovery and for me the most important thing is the result- living our life again.

She compansated for her lack of proprioceptors with her eyes. It means that whenever she was paying attention and looking for example on at a hand she could get a cup from a table. Christina worked for such amount of time so long that suddenly it became easier. Now she’s being good She resumed her life but when the doctors diagnosed her she felt empty, like a person without a body. It was horrible for her to the point that she compared herself to an animal used in a laboratory experiments. As I said, for me it is above beyond my imagination how this women could felt like.

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