24th May 2024

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I find Christina’s case quite interesting and scary at the same time, I believe with the statement “that she both failed and succeeded” to some extent. I don’t believe her loss of priopreception should be seen as a failure, as something she is defeated by as the author stated. It’s something she had no real control over and her moments of weakness (like watching films from the past when she was dancing) were a normal human, emotional reaction. In my eyes she mostly succeeded, she overcame the disability as much as she could, she learned how to live within a society all over again, while all of us, who don’t have such difficulties, had it easier when it came to learning how to function. She made up as much as she could for the loss of sixth sense, and I find that as something that should be seen as a success. I tried imagining myself in her situation and I think a lot of people, including me, wouldn’t be able to overcome the obstacles that she faced. I think it’s underrated how much of mental strength one must have to accept such disability and force themselves to live normally as much as it’s possible.

What surprised me the most was the fact that she somehow predicted it in her dream, and I wish it was more elaborated and researched in the essay.