24th May 2024

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Christina’s case reminds me of “Awakenings”, it’s movie based on Oliver Sacks’s 1973 book of the same title. Watching this film really helps me to understand this text, Christina condition, her mindframe and how she could feel. Without this film, text might be tough to understand because of specific vocabulary. I’d definitely recommend this thought-provoking text for everyone who has leisure time and wants a moment of reflection. I’ll probably read whole book in the foreseeable future because it’s a gripping story about eventful medical case.
I can’t even imagine how hard is life with no proprioception. This text makes me realise how lucky I’m because I don’t have any serious illness. Everyday life must be a real struggle for Christina, her body was “dead”. She said that she feels her body is blind and deaf to itself. She’s a real warrior because she didn’t give up. I’d be totally frightened if I were in her situation. I reckon it’s really hard to relate to her because (fortunately) probably none of us will be in the same situation.
It is my belief that people are ungrateful and they usually don’t appreciate things, they start to esteem them only if they lose them. For example, we don’t think on a daily basis how thankful we are for our great vision, family members or friends. Many things are around us so we think that it’s obvious that they will be here “forever”. We start to notice and appreciate them when they are gone. We can’t forget what life is all about and everyone need to be thankful for everything because one day we might wake up without something. Christina’s case is phenomenal because she had almost nothing.