28th May 2024

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I think that by saying Christina failed the author meant the fact that she didn’t recover from her affliction, she ’failed in being’, had to change her life etc. Maybe it’s just the words he used, but I can’t agree with him – in my opinion she succeeded in every aspect of the situation she was put in. She didn’t give up, she did everything that was possible to live a life that was at least close to normal. It cost her a lot of hard work and suffering, but she chose that over letting her disability take over her life completely.
I think that in situations like this – when something fails them, their body, the world – people always have two options: to give up or to fight. And, although I don’t think it’s my place to judge anyone in a situation as difficult as Christina’s, I can surely call everyone who chooses the second option a hero and a person who succeeded in life.