20th May 2024

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Christina’s story was really interesting for me and it was the first time I read about such disorder. I think that life with no proprioception would be incredibly difficult as Christina’s case shows us. I would not be able to control my body the way I did for my whole life. I would have to get used to new techniques of moving, sitting, eating, working – basically everything. It’s like becoming a baby again. But the difference is: when the time goes by, babies grow and acquire the ability to control their bodies, but people with no proprioception – never acquire it.
Christina’s story also emphasizes that people aren’t educated enough in this topic. We don’t know how to treat people with no proprioception, usually we don’t even know that such disorder exist. As I said, it was the first time I heard about such disease. I think that people should be informed more about it such as about blindness, deafness and other kinds of disabilities.