24th May 2024

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I enjoy reading the essay because Christina’s case is really uncommon. I did not know about proprioception and that we can lose it. We have heard about various disabilities so far, but this is something new, different and really interesting. I cannot imagine life without proprioception. It seems like a basic ability without which we are not able to move our body consciously. I think that Christina could be an inspiration for everyone. She shows how to cope with difficulties and fight for a better life. She was obviously devastated but she was trying as hard as she could.
I think it is not easy to relate to her. We can e.g. close our eyes to feel like a blind person but we cannot find out what life is like without proprioception. Furthermore, I noticed people’s behaviour in this essay. It always irritates me when people judge another human without even trying to know him. This also happened to Christina. Due to the fact that her affliction was not immediately noticeable, people thought she was a fool or drunk. It is so sad in our society how easy it is to judge someone.

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