19th May 2024

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I read all 4 chapters of the book yesterday and honestly I found them very interesting. I am going to read more, because Parkinson’s disease is broad topic and I would like you get more information about it.
When I was reading it, I was comparing situation of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease with people suffering from encephalitis lethargica whom we saw in the movie “Awekenings”. Both of them experienced the miracle of L-dopa therapy and unfortunately both of them had to lose hope for a perfect cure. The could enjoy efectiveness of L-dopa only for a “honeymoon period” and next bear suffer disabling motor side effects.
The most surprising part of book is discription of a dancer with Parkinson’s disease who know how to “trick” her body and brain and even teach others how to deal with don’t not working basal ganglia. I think it gives all people with Parkinon’s a lot of optimism and hope for better future.

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