19th May 2024

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Hi everybody! I hope you stay healthy and have good time at home 🙂
To be honest what to write here, so maybe I will just share what I have in my mind after reading these 4 chapters.
All kinds of disease, starting from flu, can be frigtening when you don’t have any knowleadge about medicine, your body (for instance: how it reacts to certain drugs), about biology and things like that. When you direct your life energy into sharing panic instead of getting some knowleadge about your case – it will lead you to a worse condition you are know. I appreciated Palfreman’s desire of reliable informations. Of course, he is a journalists, but still this case was very personal for him.
Pamela Quinn’s way of coping with Parkinson’s I assume very noteworthy. She knows her body very well and this formed her way of some kind “healing” herself, at least stopping the progressing progressive disease.
The more knowleadge about yourself you have, about your case, the more you want to broaden your mind, the less panicky you will be. As it is right now with the coronavirus. Each time somebody starts to share their enormously exaggerated worries with me I show them YouTube films with the latest researches about COVID. When you let yourself be swallowed by worries, you can’t think rationally and progress in the process of healing (body or mind).

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