24th May 2024

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Although i knew a lot of basics when it comes to how the PD affects peoples lives i still enjoyed this few chapters. Even though the parts about how the disease was discovered and how ‘the cure’ was being searched for were important, it was highly interesting reading about all the placebo effects. I found this part way more engaging. It’s quite amazing how much PD patients could do when they thought they were given the medicine. The same goes with the story about Pamela Quinn, whose dancer background helped with coping with the disease. Reading this bit reminded me of Ozzy Osbourne, a singer which who I really like, who’s recently admitted that he’s suffering from PD. He still tries to perform, it’s his life. It made me understand more how is he is able to “fight” his problems and how it also depends on our mindset on the matter.
Beside that, I found the part about the ‘frozen addicts’ very informative too. I have never heard about it but I am glad these patients were fully examined which lead to so many new informations about PD, such as the importance of the basal ganglia.
All in all, even if we know that this disease is fatal, I like to hold onto the words said by many patients in the book – that you can still live a very long time. I hope more studies are being developed right now and soon we will find out much more about PD. I guess reading the whole book would be a good idea too.

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