24th May 2024

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While reading this book the first thing I thought was “How glad I am that no one of my family has Parkinson’s disease”. The vision of losing control of my body, sometimes in really young age (like Ben Petrick – very talented baseball player who found your illness at 22) scares me the most. However, page after page I started to consider that issue in scientific view and realize how facinating disease it is. After all this years we still do not know about it everything, we still do not find a cure which do not causes that stronge side effects like L-dopa. I did a little reaserch in that topic and I found information about medical marijuana, which apparently can help confront with parkinsonism. As far as I know, unfortunatelly, that idea do knot have support in research yet and that single cases disappearance of symptoms may be just examples of placebo effect. If you interested I send a link
Nonetheless the most interesting issue in Parkinson’s is symptom called kinesia paradoxica. I found it hard to understand that, for ecxample, even if you can not walk you can easily ride a bike!