19th May 2024

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What I found really stunning about this few chapters is the fact, that they were written by a science journalist who is a Park himself. Accompanying him on his efforts to thoroughly investigate what is the status of research and drug development in the fight to eventually eliminate Parkinson’s is very emotional and fascinating. It reminds me about the case presented in the book „The Man Who Couldn’t Stop”, because it shows not only some scientific facts but also personal point of view. It was compelling to read about the history of Parkinson’s disease. To be honest I have never heard about Jean-Martin Charcot, the man who gave this disease a widespread recognition, before! Reading about some historical methods of therapy, which might be considered ridiculous these days, really made me laugh (vibrating helmet is my favorite one!).
Oh, and when it comes to medical aspects of the disease, it was really devastating to read about those side effects of medications which can be more troublesome than the disease.
But it also reminded me about the DBS, which was showed us on neuroscience lecture and is an, as I heard, is an alternative method of PD’s treatment.