19th May 2024

Reply To: “Brain storms” by Jon Palfreman (Year 2)

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When I was younger, I had no idea that Parkinson’s disease is such a complex problem, not only for the patients, but also for the researchers. I find this topic very important to talk about publicly because I’m sure that many people might have false beliefs about this disease. I believe that it would help the Parkies feel more comfortable and accepted by society. That’s what bothers the author – he wanted to be treated like a healthy person. He even said: „While I had told all of my friends and family that I had Parkinson’s, I hadn’t told everyone. When I interviewed Parkinson’s researchers on the phone, I presented myself as a journalist and didn’t mention that I was also a patient. My rationale for doing this was that I wanted the honest truth; I didn’t want anyone holding back vital information for fear of disappointing or demoralizing me.”
It’s sad knowing how difficult it is for such people to reconcile themselves with slowly losing their motor skills. Also not many people realise the additional dilemma Parkies have to struggle with – chosing whether they want to take medication that makes them perform better but brings side effects or just let the disorder progress slowly. I can’t imagine what would I do in their position.