24th May 2024

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It’s hard to decide who was the most important figure in the history of Parkinson’s disease. My first thought was James Parkinson. This careful observer identified the problem during his walks around London, encourage passers with movement problems to join his studies and in 1817, as a first man, described ‘shaking palsy’ in his book. But it was Jean-Martin Charcot, who made a more complete description (he added micrographia, hypomimia), named the syndrome ‘Parkinson’s disease’ and started treating symptoms like tremors. Blocq and Marinesco, Charcot’s students, connected substantia nigra with P.D., which was a very important discovery. Then Carlsson appreciated the role of the dopamine and conducted experiments on animals. All these achievements were needed to understand P.D. better. I hope that the most important figure will be the scientist who will discover an effective way to defeat this disease.