23rd May 2024

Reply To: “Brain storms” by Jon Palfreman (Year 2)

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I found the book to be very informative for me. To be honest, I only knew very basic information about PD before reading the chapters so I got to learn a lot about its history, symptoms (in more detail than I knew before), what we actually know about it today and what needs to be researched more. I really liked the way the author described the neurological side of it as it was very easy to understand even for people with little knowledge about how our brains work. What I found particularly devastating was “The Case of the Frozen Addicts”. They didn’t get the disease gradually but became completely immobile in a very short span of time, which must’ve been very scary for them. I cannot imagine how terrible it must be to suddenly lose control of your body. On the other hand, the story of Pamela Quinn was hopeful and inspiring. Dancing was a part of my life as well so I got especially curious about her methods of dealing with mobility issues. I did a little research, and found a short video about her classes if anyone is interested 🙂