23rd May 2024

Reply To: “Brain storms” by Jon Palfreman (Year 2)

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I don’t know any person suffering from Parkinson’s disease in person, but I found this few chapters of „Brain Storms” really significant. It gave me a lot of scientific information about the disease and its history and help to understand it more.
What I find the most important though, it’s the fact that even when we know precisely what causes the disease and despite years of research we can’t cure it. Using L-dopa is helping patients, but simultaneously leading them to a „worse tomorrow”. But even despite its disadvantages and side effects, treatment for Parkinson is a chance for a better life for patients. And it’s a chance that most of the neurological patients don’t have because there is no existing treatment.
I think there is one more lesson for me after reading this chapters – how important the way we treat our body is. The dancer could manage the disease because she had connection between her mind and body. And it is small changes in our body that may suggest serious disease – for example not moving arms while walking like in case of Jon Palferman’s.