28th May 2024

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Oh, thank You so much for the aforementioned documentary I’ll gladly watch it and share my thoughts about it.
As for my grandma, her condition is fairly stable, although the tremors are a real pain in the neck for her. She always used to be quite proud, never to be pushed around by anybody, always independent, doing things by herself. So given her character, she finds it very difficult to ask for help or assistance in carrying daily chores. She just can’t get over the fact, that her life will never be the same. I tried talking to her about it, reassure her, that this condition is nothing to be ashamed for of, that it is perfectly fine to “be a bit selfish and ask for help” (my grandma is convinced that asking for help is and act of selfishness on her part – and I just can’t explain to her that IT ISN’T). Despite all my efforts my grandmother is still unconvinced.. I’ve already told my mother about things I’d learned from the text in hope that she, as her daughter will sound more convincing.

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