19th May 2024

Reply To: “Brain storms” by Jon Palfreman (Year 2)

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To be honest, neurological problems aren’t my favourite things to read about. Still, I think a few fragments of this book were really intresting.
For example, I was moved by the idea that Parkies are identifyig themselves by using the time since they have been diagnosed. It’s like they are having two versions of themselves: first, healhty and no longer existing, and the second one. Completely new one. That’s just scary for me.
My favourite part was about Pam. Description of her and her ideas was gorgeous. It’s simply beautiful, how she could work really hard with sickness, to make not only her world, but also others, better. I know that looking for a cure is very important. Maybe the most. But! There are really many of people with Parkinson’s disease, who are struggling every day. So I think it’s also important to help them right now, not only in the future. And it can be done with Pam’s practical “tricks”, which really can work. Pam is giving them an example of how it’s still possible to live normally with Parkinson.