19th May 2024

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‘Brain storm’ was a very interesting read (even though all the medical terms made it quite difficult) and after watching ‘Awakenings’ I feel like I understand the illness significantly better than earlier. I even remembered how, as a teenager, I used to think that the main difficulty coming with the disease was shaking hands and now I realize how extremely wrong I was.
Being able to think, comprehend and understand everything happening around us, but not being able to move and control our bodies the way we want to seems absolutely terrifying, therefore reading about it from a perspective of a person who suffers from Parkinson’s disease was truly eye-opening.
I definitely agree with others mentioning Pamela’s story as one of the most interesting parts. As the dancer said herself, her whole career was based on ability to perfectly control her body, so finding out that from now on, simple tasks might become a challenge, must have been tough. Her willingness to fight with the illness and her dedication are very admirable. Coming up with all these little ‘tricks’ must have taken a lot of time and energy, so the fact that she decided to share them with others and teach them how to overcome some difficulties is even more beautiful.