19th May 2024

Reply To: “Brain storms” by Jon Palfreman (Year 2)

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Hello! 🙂 Reading the book „Brain storms” was highly interesting, but at the same time awfully bitter. The thought of anyone suffering from a Parkinson disease makes me really sad. I felt compassion to the patients mentioned in the book by Jon Palferman because I can’t imagine being bedridden and not self-reliant. Although the more I was reading the better I understood this disease. I learned that it was better or worse known for a two hundred years now. Fact that at the beginning of seeking for a best cure or treatment, one of the options was a “shaking chair” and portable shaking helmet, was a surprise for me. I also didn’t know how important structure of brain is substantia nigra and it’s role in reward and movement. Story of six young substance abusers was terribly sad. I think about how one single mistake can make someone’s life so more stressing and harder. On the other hand, the description of Pam Quinn “tricking” her body was very inspiring. She overcame her sadness and – using years of experience – thought of a way to not give up on her passion. I didn’t know how important are visual and auditory cues to such simple actions as walking for example. But it’s understandable – healthy basal ganglia is working subconsciously. In a nutshell: reading this book reminded me how complicated and maybe still uncomprehended is human brain.