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As I personally consider my memory as a crucial part of life, it was not the case for Jimmie G. When he was admitted to
Home for the Aged in 1975, he knew every little detail about his hometown, his days in the navy and even remembered the names of his shipmates. What was worrisome, was the fact that Jimmie could not recall anything that happened minutes or even seconds ago. Somehow he managed to live like this for years. During his sessions with the doctor, he became more anxious and frustrated with himself as he began to notice how many things he forgets. He could not differentiate between 1945 and 1975.
Jimmie was not able to form any new memories and was often perplexed when seeing new objects in front of him. However, besides these difficulties, I would not say his life had no reason or deeper meaning. He felt at ease with himself and throughout the years made even little progress. He remained positive, despite the fact people were saying that “something was missing” in his life. As I somewhat find it true, that memories build our characters and are the base of our everyday life, Jimmie found joy in the little things; watching people outside the window or solving puzzles.