24th May 2024

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I’m not saying he was immature or rude, maybe I used a wrong word but for example in this quote ‘Hiya, Doc!’ he said. ‘Nice morning! You want to talk to me— do I take this chair here?’ For me he is so cheerful,carefree and nice but I feel like middle aged people don’t say ‘Hiya Doc!” to the strangers, he acted like a young adult and that’s why I think this situation must have been strange for lots of people. The doctor knew him so his behavior wasn’t that shocking but strangers could see an old man acting like a teenager/young adult. As I said he was educated, he wasn’t rude, he wasn’t acting childish but young people have different behavior than adults so it could be some kind of a problem for someone or maybe someone could feel offended thinking that he was making fun of them.