24th May 2024

Reply To: “The Boy who Sees without Eyes” (Year 1 Thur.)

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The main thing that surprised me was Ben’s ability to adjust to the world without one of the most important senses – vision. It shows a whole new perspective for blind people/people with low vision and especially children, who can learn really fast. Also I found all of the information about echolocation and sound waves very interesting. It helped me understand Ben’s perception of the world and way of dealing with everyday tasks as a blind person. It struck me how well adapted Ben was and how tremendously self-reliant and independent he felt. He also didn’t have supersensitive hearing, which was surprising. Maybe this means that echolocation wasn’t just his ‘superpower’, but many other kids could be able to train their brains and practice echolocation. I think that blind children/children with low vision should be taught echolocation at school or at least should get to know the basics of it to try and learn by themselves.