23rd May 2024

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I really enjoy the essay because I’ve never heard about this disease. I think life with no proprioception is really hard, I can’t imagine what I would do if I were in this situation. Christina was diagnosed with the loss of proprioception and in one moment her whole world has fallen fell apart. She was depressed but after some time she was ready to fight. Personally, I admire her beacause she tried to go back to her “normal life”, which is really hard and even impossible. She had to learn almost everything all over again. She compensated for the loss of proprioception with her sight but we could only imagine how difficult it was. Suprising to me was that What was surprising to me was that Christina had a dream about not feeling her body and then that “dream” came true. That was so scary but also quite interesting. I wonder how Christina’s subconscious unconscious mind knew what would happen.

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