23rd May 2024

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Personally, I’ve never been in such a situation, so I think I can’t say what I would need.
However, I know a person who, after a hard life experience, needed help. Not only talking to other people,like psychologists or psychiatrists, but also pharmacological ones. Night fears, hearing voices, couldn’t get close to places that reminded her of the situation, reaction to some verbal expressions, which used in a completely different context caused paralysis – she had to face it every day. This person, being under the care of specialists, came out of trauma. Without the help of medicines, it seems to me that this would be impossible.
I believe that every person after traumatic experiences should get help. The drug that was mentioned above seems to me to be facilitation. It also depends on how it works. If only this drug would forget this traumatic situation, it would be cool. What would happen to the side threads of life? Would they also be cleared of our memory?
I don’t know if I would agree to take this medicine right away, but I would definitely consider the suggestions. The knowledge that this would confuse the chronological order of my past life could also affect me with various effects.