19th May 2024

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Firstly the case is if those medications would be the only possible form of treatment available to you? One should consider if forgetting about a bad experience completly would be truly beneficial for them. Bad experience in this case would be treated merely as some kind of flu or cold. When taking a pill you want to restore your previous „healthy state” that you’ve been in before the illness. In my opinion it reallly doesn’t work the same with bad experiences which are much more interwined with our live timeline. One can’t be cured from a bad experience by just forgetting about it. It would start a whole new bunch of problems for a person to just completely forget about that experience – just by a fact that experiences have consequences which cannot be understood if we won’t be able to remember them just as a fact of our past. It could also create a form of slippery slope where that person would want to erease all bad experiences from their lives, where obviously experiences are creating who we truly are. So answering your question I wouldn’t take this kind of medication because that’s why we have psychotherapy not only pharmacological treatment.