18th May 2024

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I agree with statement that hard situation shape us and make us who we are. BUT no traumatic situation in my opinion. Traumatic for me is for instance murder or rape. I can imagine when somebody become stronger after him father died of cancer. But it is hard for me to imagine that somebody become stronger after his father was killed by criminal. It’s build hatred to people I think. So medication to help forget the experience it is no bad idea. But on the other hand if for instance some day I will wake up in hospital and some doctor will told me “Someone raped you but you don’t remember it. This is your signature that you wanted take medication to help you forget. Now you can go to home.” – it’s sound not good. Or if some day someone will told you “Your father dead not of cancer but somebody killed him” – believe or not?

After all I think – if I was after traumatic situation and medication was offered to me – I will try deal with it without medication.