19th May 2024

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In the article, we can find out that morality is probably natural. Even if we are from different countries, ethnic groups or faiths, we make similar moral judgments. But in the film, that statement is not so clear. When USA and UK army finally found the place where terrorists were hiding, there a few moral dilemmas appeared and making decisions didn’t come naturally. Firstly, politicians had different opinions about the course of action. Some of them wanted only capture criminals and bring them to justice, others preferred to kill them immediately. Secondly, if soldiers didn’t kill several suicide bombers, hundreds of people would die because of assassination. And the most moving and difficult moral dilemma was about the 9- years old girl: the estimation of bomb attack range was dangerous to her life. The decision to make was to kill terrorists and the girl or don’t kill anyone having information about the coming assassination. No one wanted to make these decisions and, what most noticeably, taking responsibility for them. In the end, terrorists and the girl died and thereby, the potential assassination attack on hundreds of people was blocked. It confirms the theory, that when we faced with a moral dilemma, we prefer to sacrifice several people to save many. But it wasn’t an intuitive and natural decision for every character in that film.