19th May 2024

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By the way. If the film touched you I reccomend you a book “Psychology wins wars” by Leo Murray. That book had a chapter about drones, and about why they are so effective. Their power might come from the fact that soldiers who use them don’t actually see the enemies or the civils with their own eyes, they’re not close to them, actually they can be miles away. The distance make all operation a little unrealistic, and the soldiers might feel like they’re not shooting real people, just some pictures on their computer screen – like they’re playing computer games or something – and it make them more effective. I know it sounds strange, maybe even ridiculous – its still killing people, only by different weapon, but some researches (that I cannot quote now, because I don’t have my book with me) show that it actually change solders’ point of view. The film was much more complicated, book I am writing about was more about effectiveness of weapon than about moral dilemma but I still think it is really worth reading.